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“The support provided by FSB is unique. I have trusted the great team for years to help me with any questions or problems.”

Antonio Rüdiger
Antonio Rüdiger
Real Madrid


More than 40 players already rely on FSB for the development of their careers.


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Congrats David! 💯🎉

@davidodogu_ leads as captain the Under 17 Team of @vfl.wolfsburg to the U17 Bundesliga Nord title.

Great Job!🔴🟠

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Deal done ✅ 

Der deutsche Nationalspieler Antonio Rüdiger und Innenverteidiger von Real Madrid hat einen Ausrüstervertrag mit dem amerikanischen Sportartikelhersteller UnderArmour abgeschlossen. 

German international Antonio Rüdiger and Real Madrid centerback has signed an contract with US brand UnderArmour.

Happy to be part of the team. 

#UnderArmour #AntonioRüdiger #FSBSpielerberatung #SahrSenesie #Sportfive
Contract Extended! ✅

@kofii_8 and @vfl.wolfsburg extended their contract until 2026.

Best of luck for the next seasons Kofi!

#fsbspielerberatung #intermediary #playeragent #contractextended
Done Deal ✅

@kvn.sht09 joins @eintrachttrier on loan until the end of the season.

Good luck with your new challenge in Trier Kevin! 🍀💯

#fsbspielerberatung #intermediary #eintrachttrier
Done Deal! 🤝✅

@jurki17 joins @1.fcunion on a permanent deal.

We wish you best of luck for your new challenge in Berlin! 🔴🟠

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Solid career paths for talented players

‘30 percent talent, the rest is hard work.’ That is how Berti Vogts once summed up a fact that, more than ever, is still true to this day. After all, there are plenty of gifted young footballers. But the only ones who can make a successful professional career of their talents are those who manage to take the right steps along the way. This is exactly where FSB can help, offering young talents a partnership in a spirit of trust. This ranges from embarking on a professional career to its development to transitioning into a career after an athlete’s active period.

All along this long path, FSB advises and assists its players individually on all matters that the professional business involves to the left and right of the pitch. For young talents and their parents, this might begin with identifying the right sports boarding school or assistance in finding a club.

With players free to devote their entire focus to football, FSB looks after everything else. This might involve, for example, the necessary insurances as well as the finances and, of course, sponsoring together with cooperation arrangements with equipment suppliers. And along with topics as important as these, the team at FSB always has an eye to the most important steps along the way: safe career development and the next transfer!

Over the course of an athlete’s entire career, a sports-medicine support focussed on prevention promotes players’ fitness, healthy nutrition and, last but not least, their psychological stability. Partnering with FSB also includes situational personal coaching together with continuous performance analysis and advice. And whenever a career presents a change of club and location, the personal assistants at FSB are there to provide pragmatic support whenever needed, whether this involves relocating, trips to resolve administrative paperwork or other matters.

Alexander Bergweiler
Alexander Bergweiler


As a lawyer with many years of experience, Alexander Bergweiler specialises in the relevant areas of labour and sports law. With his analytical sensitivity to situations and contexts, he ensures legal certainty in all career decisions of the players advised by FSB.

Sahr Senesie
Sahr Senesie


As a manager and organiser of careers, Sahr Senesie knows exactly what he is talking about. After all, he himself was an active professional football player, playing for clubs that included Borussia Dortmund, TSG Hoffenheim and Grashoppers Zürich. He was also a member of the German Men’s Under-21 team. The players FSB advises today benefit from his valuable experience and his extensive contacts.

Fritz Fuchs
Fritz Fuchs


Following his career as a professional player with 1st FC Kaiserslautern, for many years Fritz Fuchs was a successful coach in the German Bundesliga. His career included such renowned clubs as Arminia Bielefeld, Union Berlin, SC Freiburg and FC Homburg. Today, the DFB-licensed football instructor works with FSB to advise up-and-coming young footballers on their way to professional business.

Prof. Dr. Dr. Thomas Schmidt
Prof. Dr. Dr. Thomas Schmidt


Law, sociology and philosophy are among the academic foundations for Prof. Dr. Dr. Thomas Schmidt – football is his favourite passion. As an esteemed and unconventional thinker with in-depth expertise and a wealth of experience, he advises the management at FSB. This benefits the players we advise, and not just in strictly legal matters.

Prof. Dr. Klaus Steinbach
Prof. Dr. Klaus Steinbach


He gained his fame and honour in the swimming pool, but he has always had a connection to football. As a world champion swimmer and Olympic medallist, Prof. Dr. Klaus Steinbach is extremely well versed in high-performance sports. The specialist in orthopaedics is involved in both the National and the European Olympic Committee and advises the team at FSB on all matters relating to sports medicine.

Matthias Wittschier
Matthias Wittschier


As a DFB-licensed football coach, Matthias Wittschier is familiar with the professional business and brings a versatile array of skills to FSB. His special areas of responsibility include scouting and video analysis. As a legal assessor, he is currently on the verge of successfully completing the second state examination in law.

Christian M‘Baidanoum
Christian M‘Baidanoum


Ball sports is Christian M’Baidanoum’s great passion. The former professional basketball player was also an active player in the Bundesliga squad at TBB Trier. But he is also very familiar with the football business and supports FSB in its operational areas. At the same time, he is studying law at the University of Trier and is aiming to complete his first state examination in law.

Competent, partnership-based, individual

Young talents are looking for a way into professional football – and clubs are in search of good players. The focus of our work at FSB is on careers and transfers that benefit everyone. Our player advisers locate young, talented players, recognise their potential and systematically promote their careers.

If talented players want to become professional footballers, they should definitely receive competent advice and support. Because today’s football clubs have a business orientation and are typically organised as corporations. This means that there are managers sitting at the negotiating table who represent the interests of their clubs and their financiers with great skill.

Meeting with them on an equal footing to pursue the athlete’s own interests calls for a high level of expertise, in-depth awareness of the market and many years of experience. FSB has all of these factors. And no less important for an athlete embarking on a successful career in professional football: a close-knit network and the best contacts.
The FSB team has a broad set of talents to offer. The members of the founding team themselves combine several skills from their own careers: Fritz Fuchs as a former Bundesliga coach, former Bundesliga professional and former member of the German Men’s Under-21 team Sahr Senesie and lawyer Alexander Bergweiler. They stand for well-versed individual assistance – now enhanced by a team of experts, particularly from the fields of sports, law and medicine.

  • Performance
  • Trust
  • Success

FSB recognises talents and promotes their development – in the sport of football but also in matters of health and other key areas.
Advising athletes on national and international transfers is difficult terrain. This is an effort that must unify very different interests and concerns.
Close contact with decision-makers in the clubs is just as important as sure instincts and a feel for the right moment.
Promoting and offering career-development advice to professional players also entails fields such as sports medicine, financial advising and negotiations with sponsors.
Naturally, however, the player’s own talent, determination and passion are also decisive to mutual success.

The demands players face are growing more complex all the time. For a successful career, on the other hand, talented athletes need to be able to devote their full focus to football.
There is a simple and promising solution for this: the player does his job and FSB frees him up by looking after everything else – from planning and developing his career to transfers to topics such as health, finance and sponsoring.
In this regard, both sides place a premium on loyalty and trust. This regularly leads to a desire for a long-term partnership.

FSB stands for a successful career in professional football: more than 40 players in Germany and the European leagues already rely on close cooperation with FSB – with two German A-Nationals among them.
FSB is one of the most successful agencies registered in Germany. It is backed by a strategically well-positioned and well-functioning team: this is where football talents meets negotiating skills, business experience and, last but not least, legal expertise.
The key to success, however, is and remains the player’s performance on the pitch – an effort in which FSB supports him and from which FSB benefits as well. A win-win situation as a driving force and guarantee of success!

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