Player consultation

"Thirty per cent talent, the rest is hard work." This statement coined by Berti Vogts is still valid today more so than ever – in times of talent scouts with worldwide reach. There are droves of young and capable footballers. But only those prevail for whom things have been put on the right track.

That implies not only an improvement of their skills as football players. Just as important is the analysis and improvement of the mental strength of each individual. After all, public pressure is much higher than it used to be. The player must be fostered accordingly in his personality development.

A part of this is the choice of the right club. For young footballers, it is often more relevant to gain playing experience than to languish on the substitutes' bench in a top club. Therefore, strategising the career is a central building block of FSB Spielerberatung.

This company's strategy is not confined to football. We also keep an eye on education and studies, the career after the career. In this way, we offer the player a sustainable support structure that is tailored individually – the foundation of top performance.