The idea

It all began with a young football player who was still underage at the time. His name: Antonio Rüdiger. The former Bundesliga trainer Fritz Fuchs and the former Bundesliga and U national team player Sahr Senesie recognised his potential. They decided, together with lawyer Alexander Bergweiler, to support him on his way to having a career as an international professional football player.

And with success: Antonio Rüdiger's switch from VfB Stuttgart to AS Rom was a team effort by Fuchs, Senesie and Bergweiler – FSB for short. This also marked the starting point for their own company, a future benefit for other players and clubs.

The three shape player consultation and support of FSB from different vantage points. They were able to strengthen their team crucially with the additions of the former Bundesliga basketball player Christian M’Baidanoum.

For careers and transfers that allow everyone to profit.